Coastal Harvest


grocery3… serving the greater Bandon area.


  • to provide opportunities for lower income citizens and volunteers to build community food security through gleaning, community gardening, advocacy and other community building activities.
  • to provide the opportunity for “every one” of our members to actively participate, donating their time and resources, to further our efforts. We give a hand up, not just a hand out.
  • to create a network of people by which food, that may otherwise be wasted or tilled under, is recovered and distributed by and for our members.
  • to distribute weekly supplemental groceries and, for those that need it, firewood.


  • Coastal Harvest is a gleaning organization that was started in the summer of 2003 to help low income people with food security.
  • Those interested in joining are asked to give up to eight hours a month in volunteer service in exchange for a box of food each Wednesday. “We give a ‘hand up,’ not just a ‘hand out’ to low income people living in the Bandon area and up to 15 miles outside of city limits,”
  • Coastal Harvest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is an equal opportunity provider.

*excerpted from Bandon Western World article, June 2010.

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